Longevity Through Medicine

While you are covered by a basic health insurance policy, that is to be used when you get sick or hurt. It does not help to prevent any illness and certainly will not cover any tests or steps to prevent illness. Longevity medicine is what you need to stay more healthy as you age.

Look for medical concierge services. With a set fee, you are covered for all preventive medical care to keep you from getting any of the common diseases of aging. This includes all tests and prescriptions you will get. You get full hormone testing, hormone replacement, weight loss support, and more.

Aging can be slowed down and many effects of aging can even be reversed. It is largely a matter of losing vital hormones as you age. The levels of hormones that you have active can be determined with simple lab tests. When you have a medical professional to do this for you, they can figure out what hormones you need.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a very safe way to prevent loss of muscle, increase energy, lose body fat, relieve depressions, rejuvenate vitality, and more. With the concierge services, you get three doctor checkups a year and all the prescriptions you need for a year at a fixed fee.

This is something you should look into. When the body is supported with preventive longevity medicine, the likelihood of serious diseases of deterioration is lessened to a great degree. This way, you can lead a more vital, thriving life once again.

medical concierge services

Invest in your health with preventive medicine. It will be a wise step to a healthier and happier life. You will find the concierge service to be very practical and easy. You can always count on excellent service and care no matter what. Sign up and get on your way to a younger, longer life.