Types of Medical Imaging

There are several types of medical imaging used by medical professionals. The goal of medical imaging is to get a better view of the inside of the body in a specific area. Most imaging is done to diagnose a health condition or concern. If you’re scheduled for advanced medical imaging in toms river nj, the following types of imagery is available to improve your medical concerns.


An X-Ray visualizes a specific area of the body, giving the medical team a three-dimensional look at the area. Doctors can use an X-Ray to identify and evaluation lesions and abrasions.


Mammograms are used to detect lesions within the breast that can then make a diagnosis of breast cancer. The digital image that is created uses a low dose of radiation to produce the images that show the abnormalities within the breast tissues.


An ultrasound is most commonly used to produce images of a baby in a pregnant woman, however, it has a multitude of additional uses in the medical field. This test uses high frequency sound waves to produce echoes that return to a send point that is then analyzed with a computer.


A Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) test is performed by sending images through the body and producing a radio signal that processes the results over a computer. The MRI is used to see the soft tissues in the nervous system.

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Final Thoughts

These are the most common types of medical imaging used in medicine today, but isn’t a complete list of the procedures. If you’ve been scheduled for medical imaging, rest assured the procedure is safe and designed to benefit and protect your health. Go into the appointment without worry but filled with confidence that it will improve your life instead.